Releasing Emotion

Building Resilience

Uncovering Joy

“…Melanie has a skill and capacity to be able to see through the noise and stories we tell ourselves and help guide you to identify where they come from and more importantly how to heal them…”

Anna Anderson, Transformational Coach, Warrior Journals


Many of my clients are people suffering from stress, anxiety and chronic issues, including fatigue, trauma and physical pain.  Wrapped up in these are sometimes addictions and phobias.

My sense is this suffering stems from unpleasant memories that have been buried, so they are out of mind.  But they are not out of the body, and not out of unconscious motivation, and so therefore they are very much alive in your everyday experience. My work is to sensitively locate and release these locked experiences in a way that removes the emotional distress that they cause, thus freeing my clients to live with awareness, acceptance, and choice.

In my private and confidential, one-hour online sessions, I combine cutting-edge, practical therapeutic coaching skills with my life-long interest and experience in all aspects of psychology. I support my clients in the investigation of their unconscious sources of motivation, which limit their thoughts and behaviours and block them from experiencing the joy of living as their best selves. While facilitating a connection of mind and body through tapping, I offer my clients complete attention and listening without judgement, in addition to reflection and sensitive questioning, to provide emotional healing and improved life balance and outlook.

My focus is to absorb myself into the life of my client, while simultaneously applying a detective’s approach in being able to shine a light on hidden blocks. I offer a solution-based, bespoke service, to explore the forest of your unique life with you;  I have learnt lessons from trekking through my own forest, and trekking through forests of others with them, with my torch, and my backpack.  What is your forest like?

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