“It was lovely working with Mel. She has a gentle and soothing voice. I didn’t know what to expect but the process was extremely calming, and I finished feeling like I had a massage inside my skin. All the tensions were released within.”

Tien Mandell, The Thinking Space Psychology Services


Melanie is a wonderful EFT coach I had the chance to work with for several months. I never experienced EFT before, and I was amazed by the outcome. Melanie walks you gently and safely through this deep process where your body and subconscious are talking. I felt absolutely safe and supported with her at each step of our work especially when we approached really sensitive topics. I cannot recommend more Melanie for her compassionate, caring and beautiful guidance. I made a very important step forward, thanks to her. Thank you so much Melanie!!”

Sophie Renaude, Meditation Coach

“Melanie is a beautiful coach and therapist.  She has a kind-hearted and wise energy and uses this to guide her sessions as she takes you through a journey of self-discovery and healing.  Through my sessions with Melanie, we very quickly identified life-long patterns and she helped me navigate through them, using EFT and powerful questions so that I could find new and empowering ways forward.  Melanie has a skill and capacity to be able to see through the noise and stories we tell ourselves and help guide you to identify where they come from and more importantly how to heal them.  I highly recommend working with her.  Thank you Melanie.”

Anna Anderson, Transformational Coach, Warrior Journals

I find myself to have been in the very fortunate position of training, being a client, and sharing continuing professional development supervision with Mel. In every aspect I’ve become aware of Mel’s capacity for empathy with a natural, kind enquiring mind, alongside astute observation and a compassionate, determined focus.” 

Nige’ Ollis, nigeollis .com

“Hey Mel. I’ve been meaning to tell you that X is so impressed with you. She told me that she thinks you are doing what you were born to do, and that you were great for her.”


“Melanie is a wonderful guide. EFT can be sometimes scary as we discover that our body stores things that our mind doesn’t have immediate access to. Through a soft and powerful presence, Melanie holds a very safe space and gives the unconditional support needed for a deep exploration. She has helped me unravel complex stories and emotions. I can’t thank her enough and I definitely recommend her.”

Franck Jeuffroy, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

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